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Dear Carlos,

Thank you very much for the magnificent workshop MelSamba held for us at the National Institute of Clinical Studies. My fellow colleagues are still talking about it and keep asking when the next session will be. We thoroughly enjoyed it; the different instruments, different rhythms and the smiles and laughter that were had gave all of us a buzz.

Some specific feedback that people have passed on for me to forward to you:

“Zoe, I thought what they did was fantastic and I really enjoyed every minute of it.”

“The whole hour was so interesting and so much fun. Thanks for choosing this activity for us.”

“Just that they were great teachers and I loved it”

“The samba school in the gardens was just inspirational. Can we do it again?”

I suspect you may see a few of us attend your lessons sometime soon.

Thank you again for working with us. It was marvellous!

Kind regards,

Zoe Kelly
Project Officer
National Institute of Clinical Studies

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